Friday, May 21, 2010

May in the Wichita Mountains

I went for a walk today, around the area where I work. My workplace is located inside a Wildlife Reserve in the Wichita Mountains of Southwest Oklahoma.

Anyway, here are my photos:

Trail head near my work.

Wildflowers of the plains

More Wildflowers

Base of the Wichitas

An unusually wet winter and spring have allowed
greenery to grow on the rocks of the mountains.

Ancient smooth mountain stone and greenery.

Small lake near my work.

So serene... water in the dry plains...

Vibrant base of the mountains

More wildflowers

Impressive view of the Wichitas

Dual mountains, heading west on US 62.

Ancient stone of the Wichitas

Mountain, water, what a view!
Oklahoma's state wildflower. It's so lovely.
Prickly Pears, in bloom

Doesn't this look like the devil's foot?

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  1. I work with AllFreeCrochet and have been trying to contact you. I tried contacting through your Fiber Projects site but was unable to.

    Please email me if there is a good way to reach you. Thanks!